Monday, February 2, 2009

Super 3D Bowl?

Last night, like 97.5 million other people, I enjoyed the Super Bowl's exciting finish. While it still wasn't as exciting as last year's finish, and not even as exciting as it would be if my Skins got into the game, it was still a great time.

One thing I couldn't understand was the whole 3D commercial thing. At a couple points during the game, the commercial breaks were broadcast entirely in 3D. Of course, if you had a pair of 3D glasses, this was probably pretty cool... if you were like 5 years old.

I mean seriously, I think 3D was cool back in 1984 when Michael Jackson did the 3D version of "Thriller," but in 2009, where we have iPhones, lifelike HD, and all sorts of other advance technology, who the hell cares about 3D anymore?? And people are saying that the Super Bowl is entering a new dimension?

Plus, the advance promotion of the 3D commercial breaks was either nonexistent, or it must have been advertised on every show -- except for the 30 that I watch.

How many people could you honestly believe got these glasses before the big game? I can't imagine that it was anywhere near 15 or 20 million... which means that at least 80% of people watching the game were like me -- wondering what the hell was wrong with their eyes...

Besides, if they were going to put something in 3D, shouldn't it be the big game??

Eh, I'd still rather have watched the Caps destroy the Senators instead of the Super Bowl anyway.