Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apartment Hunting

When advertising a rental apartment on Craigslist, most landlords are now trying to incorporate typical marketing practices to entice applicants. However despite their best efforts, they still miss the point and end up making it tougher for a potential tenant to find their place.

Some things apartment advertisers should realize:
  1. Your "amazing" apartment is just like 50 other ones in the same area around the same price point. If you can't tell me why I should want to live there, then I assume I probably don't.
  2. Using CAPS text, overly-promotional language, or unbelievable claims in your description will just turn me off -- not to your apartment, but to you as a landlord... How could I possibly believe all your claims?
  3. Telling me a fake rent cost will only delay my losing interest in your place. If I'm shopping for an apartment, chances are pretty good that I'm looking for one in a specific budget range. And I've set that budget in Craigslist's search options. And there are 50 other apartments that are just as nice as yours for the price I want to pay. (See #1) Don't waste my time or yours by lying.
  4. I'll never look at any online listing (Craigslist, eBay, etc) that doesn't have pictures. It's not that I don't believe that you're telling the truth -- it's that I don't have the patience to read through an entire description of an apartment that hasn't gotten me excited visually first. Besides, if you don't have time to take high quality pictures to promote your property, then why would I think that you're going to have the time to devote to your tenants' needs?
  5. Speaking of pictures... show me what I want to see in the pictures (kitchen, bathroom, etc). Don't waste my time with pictures of the outside of the building, the club house (who cares), or the surrounding neighborhood. Oh, and definitely don't try to hide any cons about the apartment. I'll see them when I come out to view the apartment and if they're significant enough for you to want to hide them in the pictures, then they're significant enough for me to not want your apartment.
  6. Spend a second to think about how I'm going to search for your apartment and provide me with a posting title that will let me know if it's something I'm interested in. If I'm searching for apartments downtown, I'm not going to be interested in apartments that are "only 45 minutes from downtown."

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jess said...

so true. and especially relevant to my apartment search once i return to LA. thanks for the humor and honesty!