Monday, September 24, 2007

Has Twitter "Tipped"? I'm not so sure...

A while ago, I was talking about how Twitter appeared to be on the downward swing.

It seems like I might have jumped the gun. Microblogging (link to Wikipedia article) seems like it's here to stay - at least for the time being. On a recent trip to Italy, I used Twitter to keep my family updated as to my whereabouts and activities as I traveled, saw the sights, and ate great food.

Rohit has a great post about how Twitter can be very useful. It seems like more and more people are jumping on board the Twitter train, but only for specific uses (like traveling). Rohit became a Twitter believer after deciding to make an effort to update his account during an extended business trip. I've subscribed to the RSS feed of his account and will be interested to see if it continues to be updated now that he's back in town.

My hypothesis is that Twitter will be used for what it is: a great one-to-many updating tool for unique events or situations (think trips, birth of a new baby, etc), but will be abandoned once people go back to their regular lives. I mean, really -- how interested are you in the fact that I went grocery shopping yesterday, bought new slacks today, and plan on going to sleep early tonight?

Do you disagree? Set me straight in the comments.

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antuan said...

Making a trip to Italy, you should've used an Italian microblogging service :-) Have a look at Hictu (