Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Another Way the Motley Fool Rocks...

I love the Motley Fool (based close to me in Alexandria, VA). Actually, when I was first looking to move back to the DC area, I tried and tried and tried to find a position for me to work with them. I really think they outsmoke their competition by totally changing the way that people look at financial advising. They're an exciting company to keep a watch on.

Seth posted a link about their CAPS feature, which until now, I wasn't aware of (even after spending a considerable amount of time on their homepage). Perhaps it was because I hadn't heard about it before and they didn't have any text on their homepage that drew me to this service. This just goes to show you how important it is to assume your readers online (like in print) don't know anything. They used their brand-name "CAPS" all over their homepage, but until today, those letters didn't mean anything to me. I would've loved to have some space on their homepage devoted to explaining what "CAPS" is and why I should care about it.

Regardless of how they introduce this online community (links to CAPS site) on their homepage, it's really exciting to see how an innovative group of thinkers can leverage the power of a community to be successful in advising.

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