Friday, October 26, 2007

Why I hate Snapfish

My cousin recently got married and posted the album of wedding pictures online through a service called Snapfish. I hate this site -- it makes you register and login to view these images. Why should I have to login to view these public photos?

Alternatively, Flickr lets users upload photos, tag, and share them with a private audience or the general public. There is no need to authenticate oneself before viewing photos anymore. Snapfish should change the way it shares photos so that it's open to anyone. If an uploader wants to make his or her photos private, the site should send a unique link to each recipient.

...and that's my Friday rant.

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TheComputerExpertSays said...

Right on. I have never heard of SnapFish but I wouldn't consider using it for those exact reasons. I prefer Google Gmail Docs and Photos with Picasa. The Picasa software is free and easy to use and Google makes photo sharing very easy.