Monday, October 22, 2007

Women and Football

A lot of people might argue that women don't enjoy the game of football. I'd totally disagree. Some of the most die-hard football fans I've come across are women, however it's pretty apparent that the NFL doesn't put a lot of effort in marketing to this group. It's exciting to hear about what the Ravens are doing not only to attract more women fans, but to help them form a community (from Jackie at the Church of the Customer Blog).

This Ravens community is a win-win for the team and its fans. Female Ravens fans find a place to belong, to ask questions about football, get access to exclusive events that matter to them, etc. The team attracts a greater attendance, more TV viewers, and sell more merchandise. The team also enables a football game to become more of a couple's event -- which is something that I haven't seen any other team try to do.

I'm a die-hard Redskins fan. We should have a similar community. Jackie submitted a name for her Steelers, and I'll try my luck at naming a community for the Skins:

  • Golden Girls?
  • Burgundy Babes?
Although, I've always been partial to the name "The Redskinettes" (and now that the cheerleaders aren't called that anymore, that name's available).

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